Cypresse Lian

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Cypresse Lian
London, England
Professor of Transfiguration, Hogwarts
31,8 cm chestnut wood and dragon heartstring
Formosan Leopard
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f | 21 | taiwanese | black hair | lol what eyes | blind
Lian Yu Ling, or 簾玉鈴 in Chinese, known to those outside of Taiwan as Cypresse Lian or Professor Cypresse, was born in Taipei, Taiwan a beautiful baby girl to happy, extremely wealthy, and Asian Muggle parents on August 16th, 1998. She grew up there an odd girl, albeit to the slight disapproval of her parents, but the family was happy, even when they found the lesions in her striate cortex, the looming threat of blindness.

At least until she turned ten.

Ten was when her blindness, albeit along with blindsight, set in fully. Ten was when she began to panic, and when every book in her shelf suddenly turned bright white. Ten was when her parents began acting different, began keeping her at home to read in braille, pulled her out of school, told her not to play with the other children for fear of their daughter's "witchcraft" being unearthed. A year later, the young girl was sent to Hogwarts overseas to "refine this curse of yours."

She wrote to her parents. The letters came back unopened. Over the Winter Holidays, nobody wrote to her to tell her of plans. And over the summer, she stood in King's Cross Station, blind and disconcerted, alone-- nobody came for her.

Nobody but an older woman, Eva Wood, who had lost her daughter to a brutally convincing father, who took pity on her and brought her home-- and so she spent her summers in a new home. Cypresse grew, as did her knowledge, as did her spirit-- and she stopped looking for her family, stopped fantasizing about finding them again. Instead, she focused on her studies at school, and upon graduation won herself top grades.

Before her graduation, however, at fifteen years old, a new character in the story of her life appeared: Aoi Kimiko Risa, or Sky, a new older sister seven years elder and of blood to her foster mother. The two became fast friends, and her education sped up considerably after their meeting, blind or not.

And then she had the fortune of gaining a position as a Professor of Transfiguration.

Sky had talked her into it. She'd been fine with her current job (tbd), but her potential hadn't been used to its full extent, or for that matter, at all. And so the blinded young woman approached the school that had become her safe haven, the school in which she spun gold from hay, and acquired her current career.

As a professor, Cy is a harsh, harsh grader. Her outward appearance is soft, but she is assertive enough, especially on paper, and she learned early on not to allow her blindness get in her way. Her other senses are excellent, including her speech, writing, touch, hearing, and blindsight, and she truly wishes for her pupils to succeed-- time messing around in class is time wasted. Even so, she cares deeply for her students and is not the sharpest with them-- actually, she enjoys entertaining them with some of her sharpness toward the unruly.